No to Populist Ideas – Yes to Democratic Responses

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The EU and the European Elites in the Face of Rising Populisms in the Continent.

19.10.2017   IED Working Paper by Jose Felix Merladet

Democracy and stability in Ukraine

31.12.2016   IED Working Paper by Mathieu Baudier

The EU beyond Brexit: towards a New Democratic Foundation (Update)

30.12.2016   Working Paper by Antonios A. Nestoras

The EU beyond Brexit: towards a New Democratic Foundation

06.10.2016   Working Paper by Antonios A. Nestoras

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Free movement of people: Schengen at risk

07.03.2016   Edited by Eimys Ortiz / March 2016 n. 1

From the Eurozone to a “Euro Union”

Documentation of the International Workshop in Luxembourg 26/27 June 2015


How nationals of other Member States vote in local elections. A case study: France

31.12.2015   Case Study Research by Raphael Lederer and Mathieu Clement Camescasse

Romania's stance in the issue of the Refugees crisis

31.12.2015   Working Paper by Mihai Sebe

Turning Point (EN/IT)

Proceedings and Contributions after the Conference "Paris Climate 2015: Three innovative proposals from Italy"

29.12.2015   Fondazione Centro per un Futuro Sostenibile & IED

The Gatekeeper’s Gambit: SYRIZA, Left Populism and the European Migration Crisis

The policies of the Greek government influenced the direction that EU integration seems to be taking.

28.12.2015   Working Paper by Antonios A. Nestoras

View from the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest © Wikimedia

Redefining Civil Society in Central and Eastern European - A Romanian proposal

How local challenges rise old questions

25.11.2014   Article by Mihai Sebe

Does Europe matter for the Irish? An analysis of the 2014 European Parliament elections

It is almost two months since the European Parliament (EP) elections took place and the dust has finally settled on the hard fought ballot papers of all 751elected MEPs. For most, it was a tough campaign, which in Ireland, saw constituencies enlarged in terms of population and geography, while we had a reduction in one MEP, so as to accommodate the accession of Croatia.

23.07.2014   Follow-up article - Rising Populism and European Elections - by Peter McGuigan

2014 European elections. History repeats itself? A brief overview of the Romanian case

Romania, has always been a contradiction per se if we take into consideration the differences between the size of its population (the seventh largest country in the EU), the number of the deputy seats it has (32) and the turnout for the European Parliament elections.

23.07.2014   Follow-up article - Rising Populism and European Elections - by Mihai Sebe

Late, but finally here: Anti-Euro left-wing populism rising in Spain

There has certainly been a turning point in the Spanish political sphere in the last months. Before 2014, it was not so easy to talk about populism in Spain, or at least not at the same level as in other European countries.

23.07.2014   Follow-up article - Rising Populism and European Elections - by Oier Lobera Ezenarro


Rising Populism and European Elections

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Reconciling Governance and Model: A Five-fold Narrative for Europe

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