Redefining Civil Society in Central and Eastern European - A Romanian proposal – How local challenges rise old questions

Article by Mihai Sebe


During the last couple of years the political and economic turmoil in Romania brought to public attention the role and status of the civil society. This attention proved, for me, that the role of civil society is yet to be fully achieved, unless all the sides involved accept civil society as an active participant in politics. Thus this essay tries to bring to the debate a new potential role of these organizations, which may serve as a starting point for a series of academic analyses.

Mihai Sebe is currently an expert in Romanian and European Politics within several public and private organizations and YDE member, providing an in-depth assistance on the way how the Romanian contemporary politics is built and functions from the perspective of past Romanian political experiences and of the current European and global context that shapes nowadays. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Sciences in French Language and in Law he has obtained a PhD in Political Sciences at the University of Bucharest. His main areas of interest are political sciences, international relations, contemporary history of Europe and Romania, the history of the European idea as well as public law and the area of ethics, corporate social responsibility and intelligence, especially legal intelligence.

His website: www.europeanpolitics.ro. You can follow him on Twitter: @MihaiSebe83


Redefining Civil Society in Central and Eastern European - A Romanian proposal

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