European Union Policies for a Green Economy: Analysis and Objectives Towards 2020 – Research Paper by Giovanni Susta



Green Economy
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The European Union is in a state of economic and global leadership prostration that seems not to have exit and end. Difficult socio - economic conditions, mostly due to the global financial situation, the sovereign debt crisis and the ensuing recession (which in turn results in an increasing unemployment – in particular youth), are putting a strain on the system of the single market. In addition to that, Europe bind delays in the process of political, banking and fiscal integration, that threaten to derail the European project in the terms in which it was thought – and dreamed of, with great foresight – by the Founding Fathers.

In addition to these preliminary considerations that relate to a mere reading, of course, for brevity of analysis, insufficient, of the European reality as it appears today, we have to consider the reflections of a more general nature that relate deeply to the raison d'etre of Europe as a unified entity acting on a global scale.

For half a century, Europe has been the land of peace, prosperity, social security, economic growth, and cultural promotion for its citizens.

The path of the former Comunity, then Union, towards a greater political integration, and not only towards a more structured interdependence of Member State’s markets, has meant that other similar experiences were tested in other strategic areas of the world, in the belief – felt first by Europe – that unitary responses from countries that are part of the same region are necessary to deal with global issues.

Briefly Europe was – and still is, in many aspects commonly understimated by the majority – a model, which today is affected by the fatigue of a long way traveled and who need new dreams and new reasons to take the final step towards the United States of Europe, which are – in the opinion of the writer – the conditio sine qua non (but not sufficient) to ensure that Europe can acquire a new global leadership.

Among the issues of global nature that are imposed for the past two decades in the political agenda, the main topic is undoubtedly represented by the climate change one, and the consequent need to convert the development model to the so-called Green Economy.

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