No to Populist Ideas – Yes to Democratic Responses

IED Publication by Adriana Ciefova


Editing and Publication Design by EU-turn European Communication

Faced with major crises involving economy, social affairs, trade, industry, migration as well as terrorism, the very existence of the European Union is now under threat. Taking advantage of a breeding ground and stirring fears, populists are advocating the end of the European project, its collapse and ultimately nationalism, sending Europe back to the darkest times in its history.

The main goal of this ambitious publication is, therefore, to refute the misleading claims and false assumptions presented by the populist and/or extremist-orientated political parties on the most sensitive European issues that resonate across the European Union. The publication refutes the populist arguments by offering verified facts, objective explanations and accurate information on the issues, supported by variety of reliable examples, comparisons and surveys. Through this, the publication aspires to make people reassess their attitudes towards migration or social affairs, influence them to verify the claims they hear from populist and/or extremist politicians and, in final, to eliminate the reach of populist solutions and deliver a positive change to the European society.

Topics of the publication:

  1. Immigration and Schengen Area
  2. Posted Workers and Social Dumping
  3. European Social Model
  4. Defence of Trade and Industry


English version of the publication (pdf)

French version of the publication (pdf)

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