Die another day. Brexit and its impact upon the European Union. A view from Romania – Working Paper by Mihai Sebe


The present paper tries to briefly explain what Brexit is and its main impact on the Member States and the European Union as a whole. Using open sources I present here a brief overview of the current European landscape.

At the EU level we are currently dealing not only with the crisis generated by the United Kingdom withdraw from the European Union but also with a series of other concurrent crisis (economic, political, refugees, etc.) a that tend to be mixed together by an overly passionate public opinion and political class.

For the first time after the end of a Second World War, we are assisting to a huge existential crisis of the European Union which affects in mere existence. Taking into account the fact that the Brexit problems seem to be yet ever more present in contemporary European states, this phenomenon is likely to draw further scientific attention, and an increased need for nationally localized studies, such this one on Romania.

Although it is still early in the game to have a series of practical evaluations of what that means we can already envisage a series of outcomes for the United Kingdom, European Union, Romania, NATO and the rest of the world, that would be presented below.

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Die another day. Brexit and its impact upon the European Union. A view from Romania


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