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Since its foundation, the main goal of the Institute of European Democrats (IED) has been promoting an in-depth discussion on the core aspects of the European integration process while playing an active role in strengthening the confidence of European citizens and furthering their understanding in the European institutions and common policies. With the current migration management's crisis and the consequent debate on the Schengen acquis, the EU is facing a challenge that will demand a more comprehensive approach. With a view to shed some light on this issue and better understand the solutions ahead, the Institute of European Democrats decided to launch an external research project on "Migration, borders control and solidarity: Schengen at stake?". The Call for Papers was published last March on the website and spread through a special issue of the newsletter.

The result of the Call for Papers was overwhelming with a high quality of applications covering a broad range of issues within the topic. For that reason the Jury decided to grant 20 Fellowships.

Our Researchers have different education background: law, political sciences, economics, and communication that have enriched the outcome. Furthermore, they have dissertated from the meaning of the word "crisis" to the EU-Turkey agreement and the role of non-Schengen members. Among other subjects: European identity, violation of human rights and gender violence, EU law transposition, rise of populism, Eurozone crisis lessons for Schengen or Arab Spring implications.

We would like to invite you to check the result of our Research Project by downloading the papers.

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