Rising Populism and European Elections – Collection of selected contributions


The primary goal of the Institute of European Democrats (IED) is to promote an in-depth discussion on the core aspects of the European integration process. Last year, in an attempt to shed some light on the challenge of the upswing of populist parties in the upcoming European elections and better understand the solutions ahead, the Institute of European Democrats set to launch a research project on "The Risks of growing Populism and the European elections". The aim of the project is to give our contribution to the European-wide debate on populism and to broaden and support the part played by the youngest generation in this debate. It was with this idea in mind that we awarded 15 research fellowships to young researchers. The results of these researches are collected in the publication "Rising Populism and European Elections. Collection of Selected contributions", presented at the IED conference held on the 24th of April in Bratislava.

Research Papers