Hydrogen – Re-Connecting Europe

A film by Florian Caspar Richter (Achilleion Film)


The EU has been created by uniting economic and political interest behind a common goal. In the last years the EU has been criticized for not having a unifying vision that people can support and believe in. The IED believes that Hydrogen could be a solution for many economic and ecological challenges of the 21st century. Through this film, the IED intends to present Hydrogen as a driving force for new integration and new collaboration across all EU member states.

So let us tell the Hydrogen story from a personal perspective:

We meet Marlene, 24, she lives in Nuremberg and studies chemistry. Marlene is a bright student - a soon-to-be leader in her field. She is preparing a paper for her university about the history of Hydrogen power.

She wants to visit her best Friend, Maria, who is also 24, and studies Engineering in Bilbao. We will accompany her on her trip...

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