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Green no deal? The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: How to make it work
IED Webinar, Thursday, 10 Dec 2020, 9:30-11:30 am / Live broadcast via IED social media / Register now!

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The Institute of European Democrats (IED), is a non-profit association based in Brussels. It is an innovative European political and cultural Research Institute that offers fresh political ideas as well as a strong and respected cultural background to the European Democratic Party (EDP) to which it is formally affiliated. It is steered by the Board of Directors and supported by a Scientific Committee.

In order to contribute to develop a political debate at the EU level, where alternative policies confront each other, the IED is organizing conferences and seminars where politicians, experts, EU and national officials, academics and others can discuss critically. In addition the IED regularly publishes Podcasts and Publications to enhance solutions for common policy challenges in Europe.

Latest Podcast

Rule of law and the fight against corruption in Europe: focus on Bulgaria
European Democracy Lab Podcast / Episode 4 / 18.11.2020

Corruption in Bulgaria is not a new phenomenon. The country, which is ranked 74th in the world by the NGO Transparency International, has the worst record in the European Union for the seventh consecutive year. Is the EU acting effectively to combat these abuses? Our podcast investigates current protests in Bulgaria and the political stalemate at the EU level. Testimony by Hristo Ivanov, President of the "Da Bulgaria" Party, and analysis by Mihai Corman, a researcher in European law at the University of Ghent.

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