The Power of EU Soft Law - EU’s global leadership in promoting multilateralism through soft law

Research Paper by Hava Yurttagül



Could procedural safeguards increase the effectiveness of soft law in EU’s external relations?

The increasing use of soft law tools by EU institutions has given rise to a number of legal issues, from their status within the EU legal order to their legal value. Soft law being a particularly attractive instrument to govern international relations, this paper will provide a legal analysis of soft law in EU external relations and illustrate its role in promoting multilateralism and solidarity during the COVID-19 crisis. A look at the CJEU case-law will show that, notwithstanding their lack of binding force, the adoption of EU soft law acts are not freed from the principles enshrined in the EU Treaties. Reforms in the decision-making process of such instruments appear therefore desirable in order to address the challenges linked to the mostly unregulated area of EU soft law.


About the author

Hava Yurttagül is a PhD candidate in law. After an LL.M. in European and International law, with a specialization in human rights law, and different work experiences in international organizations, including the European Parliament and the United Nations, she decided to pursue a doctoral degree in the field of European whistleblower protection, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Giegerich. The defense of her PhD thesis will take place in January 2021.

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