Against the Exception: public policy for knowledge and privacy

Research Paper by Sara Soto Velasco



Against the Exception, Covid Apps as a model of public policy in defense of users’ rights?

The launch of Covid Tracking Apps throughout EU countries has raised the issue of citizens’ rights to privacy and protection of personal data. The right to a private life distinct from the public space of society evokes the traditional two spheres born out of the social contract: the public and private spheres. Under the declaration of States of Exception, Governments have gained access to their citizens’ private spheres, which had commonly been the spaces for resistance to public powers, therefore both Governments and citizens should benefit from a debate regarding the position of users’ when installing apps and transferring their data. It is an opportunity to use Exception against itself to take steps to introduce public policies on behalf of users’ rights.


About the author

Sara S. Velasco is a double major in law and political sciences at Universidad Carlos III (Madrid, Spain), now working as the European postgrad studies manager at the same university. After her postgrad studies in intelligence analysis she has collaborated as an independent researcher with the International Affairs and Foreign Policy Institute in Madrid, as well as the Research Institute for European and American Intelligence Affairs.

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