Boosting Sovereignty and shaping the Rules. At the time of Covid-19 crisis , the EU can play a leading role in digital transformation

Research Paper by Duccio Maria Tenti



Boosting the EU’s digital agenda in the international arena.

At the time being the COVID-19 crisis is exposing an international community dominated by uncertainty and national interests in which the EU is perceived as an actor incapable to protect and stand for its own values. So far, in the traditional form of hard power, the EU has not been able to play at the same level as its geopolitical competitors. However, when it comes to emerging threats such as data governance or climate-related issues, the EU could have a say in the matter and owns the necessary charisma to take the lead. COVID-19 is provoking profound transformations in our society while the EU has adopted a more ambitious geopolitical approach in international relations. This essay argues that emerging threats and new transformative trends allow the EU to strengthen its role in the global arena. Supporting the digital transformation in partner countries offers an occasion to do it.


About the author

Duccio Maria Tenti works as a program manager at DG DEVCO of the European Commission in the field of EU-Africa relations with a focus on Sub-Saharan continental policies and programs. He holds a bachelor in international relations from the University of Trieste and a master of science in EU politics from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Before joining, the European Commision Duccio started his professional career as bluebook trainee at HRVP Mogherini Cabinet. He covered different roles in the private sectors among which at Eni S.p.A. working on sustainable energy and climate change.

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