Giving European Soft Power a Roof: Towards new innovative models for an enhanced European Global Actorness Amidst Covid-19

Research Paper by Gabrielle Bernoville



Amidst COVID-19, the European Spaces of Culture, #EU co-funded project seek to rejuvenate the EU cultural relations toolkit and push forward the promotion of #European Values on the Global Scene.

Amidst COVID-19, this paper aspires to present new thinking patterns and ground-breaking cultural relations models to rejuvenate European Soft Power overseas and encourage horizontal processes among the wide-spread networks of National Cultural Institutes. This paper focuses on its most promising on-going materialization: the European “Houses” of Culture project. Launched in December 2018, the preparatory action, European “Houses” of Culture, has been implemented under the network umbrella European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC), that selected six pioneer pilot spaces, scattered across the world. Each of these pilot expressions has answered EUNIC’s challenge to explore the interconnection between culture and one of the local large-scale issues. Through the empowerment of their local settings and conveying of European values, European “Houses” of Culture champion international cultural relations both in their understanding and practices. This paper highlights that the European Spaces of Culture should receive greater emphasis as they embody ways to reinforce European values. Furthermore, this project fills the role of a missing feature of the EU Cultural Relations Framework: a permanent, strategic, world-wide project.


About the author

Gabrielle Bernoville is a graduate of the College of Europe and Sciences Po majoring in European Affairs, with work experience in Latin America, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Currently undertaking a Blue Book Traineeship at the European Commission (DGEAC Unit D.1 Cultural Policy), Gabrielle also serves as a Junior Researcher of Culture Solutions and as the Director of the Public Relations and Communications Department of European Horizons.

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