EU and Latin American Relations: A Return to Multilateralism

Research Paper by Nicholas Beaumont



An analysis of EU-Latin American relations during the current period of crisis, outlining future policy priorities for the European Union.

This paper will analyse EU-Latin American relations in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic itself has had a dramatic impact on both regions and multilateral relations between them. This paper will consider the core themes of EU-Latin American relations from a European perspective, alongside the various impacts of COVID-19 crisis on Latin America and ways in which the pandemic has impacted upon a number of key policy areas. It will focus on trade and investment, economic and social reform, and human rights, the environment and security as key areas of mutual interest between the EU and Latin America. It argues that the future of EU-Latin American relations should aim to address each of these policy areas in a unified way, given their fundamental interconnectedness and importance in allowing the EU and Latin America to build a future relationship based on shared values, global governance and multilateralism.


About the author

Nicholas Beaumont is an independent researcher with a background in EU-Latin American relations. Having been a Schuman trainee in the Directorate-General for External Policies in the Latin America Unit of the European Parliament, he has significant experience of conducting research on European and Latin American affairs. He is currently conducting research for a number of different institutions with a focus on foreign policy and international development, both in the Americas and around the world.

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