Covid-19 and the future of multilateralism: a European challenge

Research Paper by Domenico Bovienzo



COVID-19 represents both a challenge and an opportunity for Europe to boost global multilateralism.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic represents both a challenge and an opportunity for Europe to show global leadership and to broadly display its international responsibility. To tackle the multi-dimensional challenges of this time, Europe needs to join efforts with like-minded members of the international community to revitalize the Post World War Two international system. A key forum where to take together the international actors is a reformed World Trade Organization (WTO). This institution may represent a strategic place where to strengthen relationships with new and old global partners and to share key democratic values. At the same time, Europe must stop thinking and acting as a ‘fragmented power’ and present itself as a united block that coherently acts to coordinate internal and external policies. Some concrete steps to move towards a European strategic autonomy encompassing technological, energy and educational aspects are discussed in the paper.


About the author

Domenico Bovienzo is a junior research member in the RAAS (Risk Assessment and Adaptation Strategies) Division at CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change) in Venice. He holds a Master of Research in “Science and Management of Climate Change” from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, MSs in Political and International Sciences (Curriculum European Studies) from the University of Siena and a BSc in Economics from the University of Verona.

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