Young Future Makers: Europe

IED Event in Kassel, Germany, April 26-27, 2024


“Young Future Makers: Europe” was the title of the seminar for which around 30 teenagers and young adults met in Kassel with our Vice-President Gabi Schmidt and the MEP Engin Eroglu.

The seminar started with an introductory session in which the participants introduced and talked about themselves. Afterwards everybody had dinner together, where the getting to know each other was intensified and the first interesting conversations took place.

The next day the seminar continued with various workshops. The topics that concerned the young people were filtered out in a group discussion. These included, among other things, their fears for the future (education, poverty in old age, war, etc.), the fact that more and more young people are voting for right-wing parties, but above all their mental and psychological health.

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Young Future Makers: Europe
Photos: Phillip Maethner

After the group discussion, small groups were formed in which the topics were again described and worked out in detail by 4-5 young people and written down on posters. This was followed by the presentation of the posters by the respective groups to all participants. Potential solutions were sought together.

This was followed by a Q&A between the participants and Gabi Schmidt, which discussed, among other things, her parliamentary work but also her role as a volunteer representative. After the Q&A there was a presentation by Mr. Aleko Vangelis, Mr. Engin Eroglu then gave the closing words, thanking all participants and the great cooperation.

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