Rethinking the environmental legal personhood within the Green Deal for a more effective defence of your resources

Research Paper by Sara Soto Velasco



Should natural resources have legal personhood to defend their rights from a biocentric perspective? A European answer.

The whole legal system of environmental protection and green policies is based on an homocentric approach that puts before the needs and priorities of humans. This proposal shifts the approach to a biocentric focus that puts forward the rights of our natural resources to defend themselves and to prioritise their needs of sustainability and well-being. A bold movement that would put the European Union at the forefront of environmental protection and consideration through its European Green Deal, as well as a reinforcement of its communities' biocultural rights.


About the author

Sara S. Velasco is a double major in law and political sciences at Universidad Carlos III (Madrid, Spain). After her postgrad studies in intelligence analysis she has collaborated as an independent researcher with the International Affairs and Foreign Policy Institute in Madrid, as well as the Research Institute for European and American Intelligence Affairs and also at the Institute of European Democrats.

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