The European Green Deal as the key factor for the industrial transition in Europe

Research Paper by Asier Areitio



Green innovation, support of industrial transformation and trade negotiation are the key element this paper analyses to fulfil the European Industrial transition to the European Green Deal.

This paper wants to analyze how green innovation can try to reach some of the objectives set by the European Green Deal in two of the main industrial sectors of the European Union, agro-alimentary and transport. Furthermore, this paper shows how the EU cannot act as the unique green actor in the geostrategic world, and analyses how trade deals can be one of the solutions to influence different international actors to adopt these future looking green policies. Concrete policies are proposed for each of the specific topics, and transversal more general policies are proposed at the end of the paper.


About the author

Asier Areitio, current president of the YDE, has a bachelor in business administration and a bachelor in laws on the UPV/EHU. He is committed to the European politics and has taken part in many movements in favour of the integration and federalism of the EU. Nowadays he works in a public-private hedge fund focused on the investment for the creation of technological or innovative start ups on the territory of Biscay.

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