From oppression to emancipation. Energy Communities to leap towards equality

Research Paper by Jediael De Dompablo



Energy communities as an answer to the ecological and social challenge of the urban agenda. Participation and democracy as a guide from the public powers.

Energy communities are a public policy that open new frames within the liberal democracies by putting individuals and civil society in the centre to overcome chronic poverty in the cities that in some cases is caused by distributive policies. This way, applying a different approach through the works of Iris Marion Young, allows to widen the realities of structural inequality and that in this case (cities) we can see are reproduced in very specific areas. This brings us to a position to open new frames to solve both social and ecological challenges through democracy and civil society.


About the author

Jediael A. de Dompablo is a Phd student of Political Science at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He has been a visiting researcher at CEVIPOF (Sciences Po, Paris), and has developed his research in democracy and government with a focus on gender studies and urban agenda.

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