The EU response to migratory pressures: the challenge of getting back to Schengen, the future management of the EU’s external borders and turkey’s role

Research Paper by Déborah Presta Novello



The European Union faces an unprecedented migratory and humanitarian crisis. In this paper the impact of the measures being carried out by the European Union through its institutions and Member States in response to migratory pressures are analyzed to see if they are able to have a positive effect on the reestablishment of Schengen or whether they continue to threaten its stability. Furthermore, the relocation is investigated, focusing on the actions carried out by Spain as acts of solidarity and responsibility. In the second section, the importance of reinforcing the EU’s external borders to manage migration flows is looked at. The intention is to analyze whether the new European Border and Coast Guard would have the ability to impact illegal migration flows and European stability. The agreement between the EU and Turkey is examined, as it could have a positive or negative effect on the reestablishment of the Schengen area and the fair and humanitarian relocation of refugees between Member States.