Growing Populism and Extremism in the view of the EP elections 2014

Research Paper by Norbert Kucharik



The title of my research is called “Alarming Increase of Populism, Extremism and Euroscepticism in the View of the European Elections”. The main purpose of my research is to provide the readers a complex view on this crucial issue. This paper is structured to three main chapters which are continuously interlocked. First part is focused on the current situation in Europe and in particular Slovakia with respect to recent increasing gain for Populists. It provides also definition of key terms and historical introduction to the matter through researching dependencies that have shaped public attitude towards populism and extremism. Further progress of populism dominates in the second chapter. There will be described several scenarios of development in the light of upcoming elections to the European Parliament. Appropriate strategies at national as well as the European level are specified in the third part in order to face upcoming political, economic and social challenges in the Slovak as well as the European society. Clear appeal towards European citizens by the author is appeared in the conclusion of paper. This research has gathered relevant information from the documentation being specified in bibliography and it also compiled respective details in order to restate proposed research tasks including hypothesis and research questions in accordance with my research proposal submitted in December 2013. There are used above all the methods of analytical and logical approach in this paper. This research has intended to look at the issue from different perspectives. The result is a relatively extensive, but also comprehensive and detailed work.