The Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome

Participation of the IED, Rome, Italy


The Treaty of Rome was signed in the so-called Eternal City of Rome exactly sixty years ago, on 25 March 1957. Together with the Treaty of Paris of 1951, the Rome Treaty is the most important legal basis for the modern-day European Union. This epoch-making document laid down the key foundations of the greatest integration of peoples and nations in European history that made Europe one of the most peaceful, prosperous, stable and advanced regions of the world.

The 60th Anniversary of the Rome Treaty was an important opportunity to remind ourselves of the original goals of European integration and the achievements the idea of united Europe has brought to our continent over the past six decades. The Institute of European Democrats did this at the conference titled "Europe's Future Hangs in the Balance - Proposals for a EU Refunding" that took place in the heart of the Italian capital on Friday 24 March 2017. This conference was the part of the official celebrations of the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and hosted the speakers such as the EDP co-president Francesco Rutelli, the Members of European Parliament Marielle de Sarnez, Nathalie Griesbeck, Antonio Marinho e Pinto and Claude Rolin, several members of the Italian government and the Members of Parliaments and politicians from several EU Member States.

On Saturday 25 March 2017, the IED participated on the March for Europe that gathered thousands of Europeans who believe in a strong, united and democratic Europe. The March was organized by several pro-European organizations on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. The aim of the March was to show the support for the European project and urge for a re-launch of European political unity. More than 10 000 citizens from all over Europe gathered in the centre of Rome in order to defend the idea of a united Europe. The March was opened by several Members of European and national parliaments. At the same day, there were Marches for Europe organized in more than 30 European cities such as Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Warsaw and also London. Altogether, on 25 March 2017, tens of thousands of Europeans walked to the streets to show that they oppose nationalism and populism and want to build together a united, democratic, solidary and strong European Union.

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