Extended Board of Directors

IED hosts meeting in Munich, Germany


On February 28th, the Institute of European Democrats (IED) convened its extended board of directors meeting in the vibrant city of Munich, the capital of Bavaria and the esteemed homeland of Vice President Gabi Schmidt.

The event took place at the prestigious Le Meridien Hotel and was attended by prominent figures from across Europe, including President Francesco Rutelli, Vice President Gabi Schmidt, CEO Mikel Burzako, and distinguished board members such as Andrzej Potocki from Poland, Gerrit Van Otterloo from the Netherlands, Radimir Cacic from Croatia, György Gemesi from Hungary, David Perez-Dionis from the Canary Islands, Ivo Kaplan from the Czech Republic, and Irene Mandole from Cyprus.

Additionally, remote participation was facilitated, with representatives joining via video conference from France, including Mr. François Pauli and Alexandra Leuliette. Alice Bernard-Montini, Secretary General of the Young Democrats for Europe, was also present to represent her organization. Dedicated members of the IED Staff were also in attendance.

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Board of Directors Meeting

Extended Board of Directors, IED Meeting in Munich

After a brief overview of the Global and European political situation by President Rutelli, CEO Mikel Burzako presented the financial situation of the IED, eliciting great satisfaction as the Institute is set to enter 2024 with its most robust endowment ever. Vice President Gabi Schmidt then presented the activities being considered for the months to come.

Mayor György Gemesi discussed the next IED event in Budapest City Hall, highlighting its active involvement in addressing Euroscepticism, with a particular focus on the Hungarian situation. The floor was then given to Ivo Kaplan to discuss the IED's next event in the Czech Republic addressing Disinformation and Climate change in partnership with the Young Democrats for Europe.

Andrzej Potocki and Gerrit Van Otterloo raised attention on the topic of disinformation, stressing its special importance in this period of war. Mr. Potocki underlined the malign influence of Russia, while Mr. Van Otterloo focused on media concentration, extending beyond simple social media influence and algorithmic manipulation.

In the name of the Young Democrats for Europe, Alice Bernard Montini presented the Next Winter Academy organized in partnership with EGI (the youth organization of PNV), set to happen in Lekeitio in March.

Then, IED Vice President Ms. Schmidt, in the name of EDP Member of European Parliament Engin Eroglu, presented the event on Youth Mental Health to be held in Europa Park. President Rutelli insisted that the event should include addiction issues as well, as alcohol and drugs cause despair in today's youth.

Finally, Cyprus member Irene Mandole talked about the IED's next event in Nicosie on the Consequences of war on women. The occupied country will celebrate this year the terrible 50th anniversary of its occupation. The theme resonates with the personal history of Ms. Mandole, who herself was a victim of the war and forced to flee her hometown.

From France, Ms. Alexandra Leuliette raised once again the necessity of an active scientific committee to oversee IED's intellectual productions.

Before adjourning the board, Mr. David Parez-Dionis offered to organize the next General Assembly in Lanzarote, his island within the Canaria archipelago, a choice unanimously agreed upon by the members present.

The next IED General Assembly will be held on June 25th, 2024.

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