IED Event in Prague, April 12-13, 2024


The "Europe for Youth" conference, held in Prague on April 12-13, 2024, convened under the auspices of IED and it’s president Francesco Rutelli, aimed to address pressing issues concerning disinformation, environmental protection, citizenship, and freedom of information. Organized by the Institute of European Democrats (IED) and the European Movement in the Czech Republic (EM CZ), in cooperation with the Young European Democrats (YED) and the European Institute Renaissance (EIRe), the event drew a panel of experts from all over the continent, including international representatives and experts alongside Czech youth and public figures.

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Key Themes and Discussions

Disinformation Challenges

The conference delved into the complexities of combating disinformation in the digital age, exploring strategies to uphold freedom of speech while safeguarding against online disinformation and algorithmic manipulation. Noteworthy discussions emphasized the need for balanced regulation of internet exchanges without resorting to censorship, featuring insights from experts across various disciplines.

Environmental Protection Efforts

Participants engaged in discussions surrounding the socio-psychological impacts of global warming and the imperative for societal and governmental responses. Efforts to foster public acceptance of climate change initiatives were highlighted, alongside critical analyses of media's role in shaping environmental discourse and policy action.

Role of Libraries in Countering Disinformation

A panel discussion at the Strahov Monastery underscored the significance of libraries in countering disinformation and promoting public education. Led by prominent figures in academia and public service, the session underscored the pivotal role of information dissemination in combating misinformation.

Notable Speakers and Contributions

MEP Catherine Chabaud delivered insights into the European Union's role in climate negotiations, advocating for ocean conservation and sustainable development.

Aleš Chmelař, Representative of Czech Republic in the OECD, tackled the challenges of raising funds for climate policies while avoiding a 'greenlash', urging equitable distribution of climate change mitigation costs.

Eva Morel, founder of NGO QuotaClima, highlighted media's role in shaping public opinion on climate change and underscored the need for improved environmental information regulation.

Anna Kárníková, Director of Hnutí Duha, emphasized the importance of fair cost distribution in environmental transformations and explored policy tools for fostering a just transition.

Vladimir Špidla, President of the European Movement in the Czech Republic, emphasized the transformative nature of climate change and the necessity for proactive, equitable responses.


The "Europe for Youth" conference provided a platform for robust discussions and actionable insights into combating disinformation, advancing environmental protection efforts, and fostering informed citizenship. Through collaborative efforts and interdisciplinary dialogue, participants affirmed their commitment to addressing these challenges and shaping a sustainable future for Europe's next generations.

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