Europe at Home – Let's Bring EU Close to YOUth!

YDE Event in Rome, Italy, May 3-4, 2024
Co-organised by Renew Europe & the European Democratic Party with the participation of IED


The Young European Democrats organized a working day around their 2024 Manifesto as part of the Europe@Home initiative. The event occurred on May 3rd and 4th, 2024, at Camplus Guest Roma in Rome, Italy. 

It provided an enriching experience for young people and activists from all over the continent. The objective of "Europe at Home" is to deepen the understanding of European values, promote active citizenship among youth, encourage participation in democratic processes, and offer a platform for young voices to address issues pertinent to their lives and the future of Europe.

Through workshops, discussions, and interactive sessions, participants connected with policymakers, exchanged ideas, and explored avenues to influence the European agenda. 

The event aimed to bridge the gap between young individuals and European institutions, empowering them to be informed, engaged, and active citizens within the European community.

The Agenda included:

Welcoming remarks by MEP Sandro Gozi, Secretary General of EDP

Underlining the threatening potential outcome of the June’s elections, and the jeopardy of the Renew’s role as political balance in the European Parliament. 

Training sessions on implementing the youth manifesto at policy level and advocating Renew Europe priorities through social media with experts:

  • Alessio Di Giorgi EDP’s Communication Director 

  • Alberto Biginelli Policy Advisor at Renew

Closing remarks by Francesco Rutelli, President of the Institute of European Democrats

Asking the YDE’s attending to «be brave» to carry on the political fights ahead of us withholding our values of humanism, intelligence and creativity, rather than falling into easy demagoguery with no other purpose than personal gain. IED president took the opportunity to extend invitation for the next IED soft power club event in Venice that will this year address disinformation on Climate Change, and what is the role of policymakers and leaders to avoid falsehood generated with AI, propaganda, deepfakes, online hatred…

On Saturday, May 4th, participants convened in front of Palazzo Chigi for a tour of the legislative path, visiting the Palace of the Italian Government, the Chamber of Deputies, and the Senate.

The day concluded with a visit to the Europa Experience, in the David Sassoli building in Rome.

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