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Upcoming event: 18 April 2015

18 April 2015, Republic of San Marino

As a follow up of the event SMART CITY, a new model of democratic life, held in San Marino last September, this new event will deepen the inclusive policies applicability aimed to a life quality improvement, particularly, but not solely, through the most recent Telecommunication Information Technologies.
The primary target is to analyse the possibility to apply the Smart City development concept, to the small communities and not exclusively to the megalopolis, first of all the Republic of San Marino, due to its territorial and demographic characteristics.

Press conference – Presentation of the preliminary work-shop on 'Digitocracy: first tool for the culture of innovation' (Alfabetizzazione digitale come primo strumento per la cultura dell'innovazione), 6 March 2015 (pdf)

The outcome of this preliminary event will be screened at the final Conference on the 18 April. The programme will be published soon.

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In order to contribute to develop a political debate at the EU level, where alternative policies confront each other, the IED organized conferences and seminars where politicians, experts, EU and national officials, academics and others can discuss critically. The majority of our events are organised in the EU Member States instead of Brussels, in order to bring the European debate closer to the EU citizen.



Our Foundation hinges on Europe and democracy. Neither can stand without the other. Europe learnt democracy through its history and taught it to the world. Democracy is a fragile system which needs to be studied and thought through. For as a sagacious Asian said, “Studying without thought is labour lost; thought without study is perilous”. And this is why the Institute of European Democrats aims to serve Europe and democracy through study and thought.

Jean Claude Casanova, IED President