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Climate, challenge for Democracy

Young Europeans: how to act on the Climate crisis?

Francesco Rutelli, new President of the IED

The rule of law: a shared value for citizens in Europe

Promoting European Heritage and exchanging best practices

Future Food – Sustainable food production

Radicalizing Europe – Revival of Right-wing Extremism in Europe

Elections and Disinformation: Foreign Intervention as Political Warfare

EU at the Crossroads: Populist Propaganda vs. Democratic Solutions

Towards a European Democracy: 40 Years since the first election of the European Parliament

Combining Sovereignty & Subsidiarity at a time of global challenges

How the Kremlin is manipulating the Refugee Crisis

EU Climate Policy: From the Paris agreement towards a climate neutral Europe by 2050

IED - YDE Winter Academy 2018

Doctrina Urbi Serviat?

Smart Mobility Forum 2018

1918-2018: Territorial Transformation and the Future of the Construction of Europe

Managing Climate Change

A Youth strategy for Europe's future

A Youth strategy for Europe's future

A Youth strategy for Europe's future

A Youth strategy for Europe's future

A Youth strategy for Europe's future

Promoting Policy Reforms or fostering dominant ideologies?

Why the Black Sea matters for the European Union?

How to build Europe? Between Visegrad and Weimar

Building Europe: networks, nations, and citizens

Cultural Diplomacy for the Mediterranean, Europe and Middle East in the XXI Century

EU, Democracy and Civil Society

20th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement


Can Viktor Orban be defeated on 8 April?

European Elections 2019

Democracy and governance in the EU – toward a more democratic Union (edition 1.0)

Youth Engagement in Building a more efficient Europe

Post-Truth: Politics and Communication

Next Events

No to Populist Ideas – Yes to Democratic Responses

The EU and the European Elites in the Face of Rising Populisms in the Continent.

European Union between Democracy and Political Extremism

Smart Mobility Forum 2017

The Climate and Energy Agenda in the evolving Global Scenario

Russian Disinformation War against Poland and Europe

V4 Europe – Pieces of Populism and How to Overcome the Challenge

Women's Spring Event: How long do we still have to go? How can we stop violence on women?

EU at the Crossroads: How will 2017 national elections change the face of Europe?

Israel – Palestine: A New Chance for Peace?

The Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome

60 Years of the Rome Treaty and its Eternal Legacy for the European Project

Democracy and stability in Ukraine

Die another day. Brexit and its impact upon the European Union. A view from Romania (revised edition)

The EU beyond Brexit: towards a New Democratic Foundation (Update)

Endocrine Disruptors: a Challenge for Europe

Building Blocks of a Democratic and Functional State

Rising from destruction. Ebla, Nimrud, Palmyra

Moldova between East and West

Brexit – Options and Alternatives for Europe and Scotland

The Rise of Nationalisms in Europe

The EU beyond Brexit: towards a New Democratic Foundation

#DIGITOCRACY2016 - Smart Mobility Forum

Die another day. Brexit and its impact upon the European Union. A view from Romania

Migration, borders control and solidarity: Schengen at stake?

The Future of the Energy Union

Schengen at Risk: Can We Keep the Freedom of Movement?

Youth employment: experiences and future

IED Bibliography: Research Guide

From the Eurozone to a “Euro Union”

How nationals of other Member States vote in local elections. A case study: France

Romania's stance in the issue of the Refugees crisis

Turning Point (EN/IT)

The Gatekeeper’s Gambit: SYRIZA, Left Populism and the European Migration Crisis

Beyond the gloomy present: your Democratic impulse!

Cyprus and the geopolitical development of the Eastern Mediterranean

TTIP - Fact, Opportunities and Risks - Implications for our society

Free Movement & Labour Mobility within the EU

COP21: An announced failure… or a last minute agreement?

Whither the Middle East. The Blueprint for the Future

From the Eurozone to a 'Euro Union'

The European Union and the Opportunities for the Youth 2014 Erasmus+

The Awakening of Nations, Regions and Cultural Minorities in Europe. The European Union as a Solution.


Redefining Civil Society in Central and Eastern European - A Romanian proposal

Cross-Border Cooperation of European Regions

Smart City, a new model of democratic life


Does Europe matter for the Irish? An analysis of the 2014 European Parliament elections

2014 European elections. History repeats itself? A brief overview of the Romanian case

Late, but finally here: Anti-Euro left-wing populism rising in Spain

New challenges for a new Parliament

Facing Citizens' disillusionment with EU policies: the risk of abstention in European elections

The first European Elections after the adoption of Lisbon Treaty: Ensuring the Electoral Rights of Citizens in the EU

Rising Populism and European Elections

Silesia - Energy for Europe

European Union and Rising Populism: a Challenge for Democracy

Latest scientific evidences on Climate Change

European Elections & Citizenship


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La souveraineté et la subsidiarité en Europe: de nouvelles perspectives ?

The Future of Outermost Regions in the context of EU 2020

Green Growth and EU Competitiveness

Green Jobs Summit

Analysis and Political Consequences of the Free Trade Agreement on Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

EU 2030: Next low carbon economy targets

National Minorities in the European Strategy

The Eastern Mediterranean Today

European Union Policies for a Green Economy: Analysis and Objectives Towards 2020

Reconciling Governance and Model: A Five-fold Narrative for Europe

Understanding Scotland and its Future

Reconciling Governance and Model:
a Five-Fold Narrative for Europe

Europe and Solidarity

Two Years from the rebellions: Has Springtime come for Northern Africa Women?

Political Foundations at the European Level

Britain's Relationship with the EU

European Governance for a New Prosperity

The Knowledge Triangle (Education, Innovation & Research): Tool and Way Out of the Crisis

3rd General Assembly of the Institute of European Democrats

What to expect from the future of the European Union?

Energy Developments, Security and Geostrategic Implications in the Eastern Mediterranean

Globalisation versus National Cultural Heritage?

Governing Globalisation in a World Economy in Transition

East of Europe, Out of Schengen - Perspective of post Soviet world

The European Union and the Muslim and Arab Countries

A New Governance: Global Challenges and European Opportunities

The Small States in the European Framework: Integration and Preservation of Identity

Nuclear and the Future of Energy. What changes between Fukushima and the Italian referendum?

Energy diplomacy in Europe: what kind of shared future?

The Role of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: Evolving Dynamics

Will the European social model withstand the demographic challenge?

International Conference on Globalization and Delocalization

International Conference on Climate, Energy, Environment: How to build a New Global Deal

Europe and immigration: need and uncertainty

International Conference on Women in Politics

EU-Belarus-Russia: Now and Future

Lisbon and beyond. Where is Europe going?

Divided Europe: 20 Years After Lessons for Tomorrow

Italy's participation to Civilian ESDP Mission- Critical Aspects and Perspectives

The European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) and the New Global Challenges

EU Energy Security Strategy and its significance to Lithuania

Europe-United States: A New Deal?

The European Union and the new emerging Asian powers

The case of the Chilean democracy

New political perspectives for the Mediterranean region

The EU and the future of the Mediterranean region

The European Union and the Knowledge Society