Transnational lists – An opportunity for the European Union in strengthening participatory democracy and addressing the democratic deficit

Research Paper by Asier Areitio



This paper dives into the concept of transnational lists, their benefits, and the challenges they pose. Lessons from the Conference on the Future of Europe shed light on citizen engagement and policy transparency. Policy recommendations suggest a phased approach to implementation and a focus on public involvement.

This paper explores the potential of transnational lists as a means to strengthen participatory democracy and address the democratic deficit within the European Union (EU). Transnational lists, a novel electoral mechanism, may enable EU citizens to vote for candidates from various member states, transcending national boundaries in the selection of representatives for the European Parliament. However, implementing transnational lists presents a set of challenges. Striking the right balance between EU-level and national-level representation is a delicate task, as the lists should not undermine national democracy while enhancing EU-level democracy. Drawing from lessons learned from the Conference on the Future of Europe, several recommendations emerge. Gradual implementation, flexible electoral systems, public awareness campaigns, and a robust legal framework can facilitate the adoption of transnational lists. Strengthening participatory democracy within EU institutions involves enhanced public consultations, transparency initiatives, stakeholder dialogues, and civic education programs.


About the author

Asier Areitio, current president of the YDE, has a bachelor in business administration and a bachelor in laws on the UPV/EHU. He is committed to the European politics and has taken part in many movements in favour of the integration and federalism of the EU. Nowadays he works as an advisor for the presidency of the Basque Country, in the Secretariat for European Union and Foreign Affairs.

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