The interplay between transnational lists and European democracy – Exploring Opportunities, Challenges, and the Transformative Influence of Social Media, Artificial Intelligence, and E-voting

Research Paper by Kalojan Hoffmeister



The Paper supports transnational lists, arguing that combined with social media and AI they will Europeanize European elections.

The paper analyzes opportunities and challenges of transnational lists in European Parliament elections. It makes a case for transnational lists, arguing they will Europeanise European elections. The paper explores using social media, AI, and e- voting to support transnational campaigns arguing that new technologies can help create a transnational political discourse, mobilise EU citizens across borders, bridge language barriers and make EU elections more accessible. Yet the associated risks are also highlighted. The paper assesses the latest European Electoral Act proposal, supporting transnational lists but suggesting increasing their number, lowering the voting age uniformly and considering a new distribution method. Overall, the paper recommends implementing transnational lists and responsibly leveraging technology


About the author

Kalojan Hoffmeister holds an LL.M in International Business Law from King’s College London, a Maitrise en droit europén from Université Paris Panthéon-Assas and has passed the first German state examination in law. As of October 2023, he is a bluebook trainee in the European Commission in the Directorate-General Economics and Finance (DG ECFIN). As a passionate European citizen, he has long been active with the Young European federalists and has also been invited by the European Parliament (AFCO committee in 2018 and EP delegation to the conference on the future of Europe 2021) to speak about transnational lists.

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