The price for China's money – Chinese influence on rule of law breaches by EU Member States

Research Paper by Laia Comerma



How has China’s influence impacted rule of law in EU Member States? The cases of Hungary and Greece.

The European Union has seen a democratic backsliding in some of its Member States, with the rights of citizens being under threat, as governmental corruption has grown, independent institutions have been eroded, and political rights and civil liberties have been disregarded. While Hungary is often used as a paradigmatic example for such rule of law violations, breaches at a smaller scale and in specific instances are happening in many Member States, related to non-implementation of EU regulations and directives, lack of proper oversight, transparency and civil participation, and corruption. A case where some of these petty violations can be observed is Greece. However, to what extent are these rule of law breaches influenced by these Member States’ relations with China, if at all? These paper finds that China’s political system, investment culture and modes of governance can have a perverse influence on rule of law in the EU if the current regulatory framework is not amended accordingly.


About the author

Laia Comerma is a PhD candidate at Pompeu Fabra University and a predoctoral research fellow at the Barcelona Institute for International Studies. Her PhD thesis focuses on the impact of economic cooperation between China and the EU on global governance. She holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics (LSE), a postgraduate degree in International Economics from the University of Barcelona, and a Bachelor’s in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from UPF-UC3M-UAM.

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