The European Union versus Climate Change. Climate Diplomacy as Expression of EU Actorness

Research Paper by Bogdan Muresan



The paper explores how climate diplomacy, as an expression of the European Union’s Actorness, could boost the global role of the EU, driven by contextual intelligence and embedded in normative aspirations.

In an increasingly complex, connected and contested world, the political, economic and geostrategic contexts have evolved rapidly and generally became more unpredictable, against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. Emerging security challenges, ranging from cyber-warfare, democratic recession, massive illegal migration to identity politics and disinformation, have joined a list of long-lasting ones like terrorism, regional conflicts and great power rivalry. But no greater long-term challenge seems to be more pressing and consequential for Europe and the world than the menacing spectre of global climate change. This fact has been recognized in key European Union documents like the ‘European Green Deal’, the ‘Strategic Agenda 2019-2024’ and the ‘NextGenerationEU’ recovery plan. With no universal definition attached to it, climate diplomacy may be one of the best ways to enhance the global role and actorness of the European polity, while dealing with the quintessential global public good dilemma.


About the author

Bogdan Mureşan is currently a Political Specialist working for the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest. Previously, he worked as expert and project coordinator for the European Institute of Romania. His academic studies include the fields of international relations and European Affairs, history and political science. He is currently pursuing a BA in Political Science (English section) at the University of Bucharest.

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