The closing borders and refugees violations of human rights: vulnerable groups, rape and gender violence into the territory of European Union

Research Paper by Kaiana Coralina Do Monte Vilar



The free movement of persons is one of the greatest achievements of the project of European integration. The implementation of the Schengen Treaty in 1995 starts a new part of the history of the EU. What the Europeans not realized is that the opening of the internal borders for their citizens would open also to the world a series of obligations as issues concerning to asylum and immigration. Such situation took huge proportions when the conflicts in the Middle East began and had let as balance thousands of refugees. Among them a parcel deserves special attention - the group of women and girls-, which are constantly victims of gender violence and rape during the crossing and on European soil. The closing of internal borders and the recent agreement between the EU and Turkey threatens the integration project in symbolic aspects, referring to the lack of coordination to administer the crisis and on the humanitarian aspect, when EU abandons the refugees to their own fate.