Romania: migrants. Managing migrants and border control. How temporary is the temporary reestablishment of border controls?

Research Paper by Mihai Sebe



With the current crisis of migration management and the consequent debate on the Schengen acquis, the EU is facing a new challenge that demands a more comprehensive approach. With a view to shed some light on this issue and better understand the solutions ahead, the present paper is a part of a broader European project initiated by the Institute of European Democrats. A “perfect storm” due to the rise of asylum-seekers, the increased migratory pressure, security and social concerns, a yet fragile economic recovery and political internal turmoil have put the Schengen area under a lot of stress and made its future uncertain. The present paper is a presentation of the current situation, of the possible costs of the disappearance of Schengen while mentioning once more the debates concerning this area that came from an EU pre-Schengen Member State (Romania).