Reconciling with you(th): Toward a new roadmap to active citizenship

Research Paper by Francesco Trupia



In the last EU’s stretch to the 2024 elections, EU-brokered reforms on education and electoral law could tackle alienation of young citizens and foster active citizenship in the long run.

A positive voter turnout in the 2024 European elections would barely improve the quality of political participation of the young EU citizens. As the latter remain largely disengaged from EU affairs, this policy paper draws on a qualitative-quantitve mix- method approach to explore an alternative roadmap to active citizenship. It assesses the impact of Citizenship Education on any potential sort of civic engagement, regardless of the field of study. Then, it connects the debate on education with the untapped potentials of the Transnational Lists (TNL). In the last EU stretch to the 2024 elections, this paper concludes with recommending two EU-brokered reforms: first, the implementation of a common curriculum of Education for Democratic Citizenship (CED), and, second, the establishment of TNLs to truly “europeanise” the political agendas.


About the author

Francesco Trupia, PhD, works at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland. His research interests range from identity politics to democratisation and minority groups’ participation in Central-Eastern Europe. He has also contributed to policy projects at the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society, the Caucasus Research Resource Centre (CRRC) in Armenia, and the Institute for Islamic Strategic Affairs (IISA) in the UK.

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