Populism in Spain – different from the rest of Europe, but growing anyway

Research Paper by Oier Lobera Ezenarro



Populism is certainly growing in the European Union, and some populist parties are even working together in the eve of the European elections in order to become stronger in the EuropeanParliament. In the case of Spain, however, there are no parties that match with the image there is about populism in the European context, as European populist parties are supposed to be xenophobic and anti-European. In the Spanish case there are new parties that have been accused of been populist, UPyD being the most successful new party that has received this criticism. In this way, this paper aims to understand if UPyD is a populist party by analysing the political campaign and communication strategy followed by the party. Then, a comparison between UPyD and FN and PVV will be drawn in order to understand the main differences between these parties, as well as the direction that these parties may follow in the future and the level of success they may have.