No migrants, no Schengen: how right-wing political parties are increasing their popularity in Europe

Research Paper by Dario Intini



This working paper seeks to answer the question why right-wing parties have increased in popularity following the European migrant crisis and the re-establishment of temporary borders control in some EU countries since 2015. Focusing on five EU Member States that have re-established borders check (i.e. France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, and Denmark), this working paper also analyses to what extent mainstream parties in power in the aforementioned countries have been influenced by right-wing parties’ claims concerning migrant policies and the return to internal borders control in order to tackle their drop in popularity, to safeguard their leadership, and to reduce the increasing support towards right-wing parties. Last, this working paper speculates on future developments of the EU and the Schengen system and what the EU should do to prevent the spread of populist and xenophobic movements.