Key Climate allies from the East: Redefining the EU Climate Diplomacy Strategy towards Asia

Research Paper by Angeline Sanzay



Key climate allies in Asia: Why should the EU redefine its Climate Diplomacy Strategy in the region?

Climate change has been brought forward as a crucial international priority and the European Green Deal well identifies the need for a global response. Given the leading role that the EU and Asian countries want to play in global climate governance, it is crucial for the EU to redefine its Climate Diplomacy Strategy towards Asia and better recognize the Asian countries as key allies in the fight against climate change. The climate context in Asia — China, India, Japan and South Korea study cases — and response to the EU’s climate dialogue vary greatly across the region. Although most Asian countries have signed the Paris Agreement, they are experiencing transitional difficulties and socioeconomic challenges slowing down the introduction of an efficient EU climate discourse in the region. Our analysis revealed the need for tailored and co-leading strategies from the EU, as well as promoting its assertiveness and national cross-sectoral climate initiatives.


About the author

Angeline Sanzay

Angeline Sanzay is a young professional working who recently joined the Junior Professional Programme for the EU Delegation in Taiwan. She graduated from the College of Europe in 2019 with a degree in European Interdisciplinary Studies and a specialisation in EU environmental and climate policies. She has already written several pieces of paper tackling different aspects of the EU policies in the fight against climate change.

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