European multilevel governance: a system to ensure the European Sovereignty

Research Paper by Asier Areitio



Local administrations play a fundamental role in ensuring democracy and equality in modern liberal societies.

The objective of this paper is to analyse if the European Union can finally become a Sovereign Power on the XXI century. With that purpose, analyses how local administrations play a fundamental role to ensure democracy and equality in modern liberal societies. Furthermore, it analyses how the guiding principle of subsidiarity needs to be reinforced with stronger European structures, and how some of the European powers need to be rethought and modernized. With the analyzed data, proposes a multilevel governance model on which local regions and euroregions should play a leading role on the contact with citizens, and a model based on a bigger participation and stronger democratic commitment.


About the author

Asier Areitio, the current president of the YDE, has a bachelor in business administration and a bachelor in laws on the UPV/EHU. He is committed to European politics and has taken part in many movements in favour of the integration and federalism of the EU. Nowadays he works in a public-private hedge fund focused on the investment for the creation of technological or innovative start ups on the territory of Biscay.

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