European democracy: The required institutional reforms and the impact of social media

Research Paper by Georgiana Chivescu



This research will contribute to the understanding of European democracy and the necessary institutional reforms for its enhancement. Additionally, it will provide valuable insights into the impact of social media on European democratic processes, allowing policymakers and stakeholders to develop informed strategies and policies.

This research proposal aims to investigate the necessary institutional reforms for enhancing European democracy. Specifically, the study will focus on analysing the impact of social media on European democracy and the role it plays in shaping the required institutional reforms. The European Union (EU) faces numerous challenges and opportunities in terms of democratic governance, and understanding the role of social media in this context is crucial. Positive and substantive civic engagement via digital media and social networks should go hand in hand with quality journalism and media literacy to foster the critical thinking and emotional intelligence of the audience and general public. Social media not only complement classic sources of information, they might completely replace them, thus adding to ‘bubble’ mentalities and the polarisation of views.


About the author

Georgiana Chivescu is an expert in European affairs, currently working at the European Institute of Romania. Her area of expertise includes topics such as: cybersecurity, democracy, digital transformation and artificial intelligence.

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