EU as a green normative power: How could the European Green Deal become a normative tool in EU’s climate diplomacy?

Research Paper by Dawid Aristotelis Fusiek



The analysis demonstrates how the EU could use the European Green Deal to become a green normative power

The European Green Deal poses a blueprint for the goal of climate neutrality and an excellent tool of normative diffusion promoting the EU’s interests in the global arena. The research aims to combine normative power with the Green Deal and formulate policy recommendations on the ways the EU could achieve a successful green diplomacy. The policy paper will first introduce the concept of normative power and investigate the key norms underpinning the EU’s climate policy. It then analyses how the EU could employ the Deal as a normative tool to promote its climate aims and diplomacy. The EU should: a) ensure the unhindered implementation of the Green Deal on the European level; b) utilise it to maintain the discussion on climate change amid the hostility of the US-China and diffuse European goals and values; c) employ it to forge new bilateral and global alliances, alleviate tensions emerging from its implementation, and establish its role in the global climate governance as a green normative power.


About the author

Alumnus of the Utrecht University and of University of Piraeus, Dawid Aristotelis Fusiek has an eclectic background in European Affairs, International Relations and History. Over the last years, he has collaborated with various think tanks all over Europe, worked with the European institutions, and has published articles and research papers ranging from EU foreign policy and security studies to political philosophy.

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