Disadvantages of Democracy

Research Paper by Aleksandra Rosinska



The Risks of growing Populism at the European elections is a significant issue. A number of misstatements can get out of control if we will not change the rules and population’s attitude we all follow. Requisite is to talk with people and to get to know their point of view. What is needed may be found in educating The Peoples in Politics. The papers are divided in several parts. Theoretical part, which covers Current situation both at the European and national level. Next part of my contemplation, which is more practical shows examples of the “treatment” for this phenomenon - future development. There are various methods that can be of help with to chose well at elections: - To replace the election system that favors parties with pro individual contest. - The creation of the European Educational Platform which is easy to find and to use. - The educational program at schools showing good aspect of Politics.



European Elections 2024