A Five Star Digital Populism

Research Paper by Gentiola Madhi



The Five Star Movement changed the Italian electoral campaign of 2013 through a deep transformation of the national communication system and electoral marketing. This research aims to analyse the advancement of the Movement in the national elections along with its peculiar strategy to communicate to the population, besides the attempt to identify the potential risks for the prospective European elections. Attention is paid to Beppe Grillo’s blog and to his speeches published online in addition to some daily newspapers, where the last ones are essential in denoting an alternative analysis of the reforms advocated by the 5SM. The Movement’s outbreak is a consequence of the current failure of the Italian political parties’ system and the failed efficiency of the imposed austerity measures. In the contemporary multilevel governance, domestic inadequacies of a member state are emulated like-wisely at the European decision-making level, bringing up common challenges for the whole Europe.