How to act against Climate Change? – Consciousness, Commitment, Co-deciding – three Cs for combating climate crisis

Research Paper by Katarzyna Klimczak



Climate change will not be combated while enforcing one clear-cut solution. It is a long battle, a process in which all need to be involved. It can be called a very "democratic" threat as it affects all citizens, irrespectively of where they live or their social status. Actions on multiple levels are thus needed, as potential in individual, local, national, EU and international cooperation is present. The paper strives for "ingraining" tackling climate change and protection of environment as an inherent part of our lives, so it would be natural to care for it. The aim of this research paper is to show that enhancing three Cs: consciousness, commitment, co-deciding can make a difference which we should all want and fight for: combating climate crisis.