EuroDems Congress in Mainz

Address by IED Vice President Gabi Schmidt, MdL FREIE WÄHLER Bavaria


What a moment, as Vice President Gabi Schmidt, representing the Institute Of European Democrats on behalf of its President Francesco Rutelli, took the stage to present our institute's activity report in the wake of an impressive election win for FREIE WÄHLER Bayern.

Her presentation was nothing short of a celebration – a celebration of our institute's achievements and our unwavering commitment to upholding Democratic values in these turbulent times.

Vice President Gabi Schmidt's address served as a testament to her involvement and dedication to IED, upheld by General Director Mikel Burzako and Board Members Alexandra Leuliette and François Pauli also present and active, with their relevant proposals for the EDP Manifesto.

She didn't just list our milestones; she illustrated the array of achievements, publishing visionary scientific research, organizing congresses and seminars, well, the promotion of European dialogue across all government levels, sponsored by the IED.

And it was all underpinned by an inspiring vision for the future, bolstered by the lead her party achieved over the extreme right in Bavaria.

The passion that powered her successful election campaign was still bright and strong.

Now, let’s support the Institute of European Democrats' vision. Together with the European Democratic Party, we have the power to make a significant difference in the upcoming European Elections. The future is filled with hope for the Democrats!

Read also the report on democrats.eu.

Photos: PDE / EDP

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