Call for Papers 2023

European Democracy: The required institutional reform

Submit your candidacy until 30 June 2023


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The Institute of European Democrats (IED) invites researchers to submit papers on "European Democracy: The Required Institutional Reforms." With the 2024 European elections approaching, it is crucial to address internal political challenges and reflect on questions of transparency, the energy crisis, the war against Ukraine, and the green and digital transition.

The call focuses on the pending electoral reform and the implementation of transnational lists. The agreement on lead candidate processes and transnational lists for the next elections is still under negotiation, requiring consideration of electoral law stability and the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

Strengthening participatory democracy is another key aspect emphasized by the Conference on the Future of Europe. Recommendations include improving existing participation mechanisms, protecting democracy during emergencies, and analyzing the EU's "democratic deficit."

Additionally, addressing authoritarian abuses by Member States is paramount. The European Democracy Action Plan and other instruments supporting democracy need evaluation, while challenges related to the Green and Digital transition are also significant considerations.

Researchers can choose to explore one or more sub-topics:

A. Transnational lists: Opportunities, challenges, and the impact of social media, artificial intelligence, and e-voting.

B. Strengthening participatory democracy: Lessons from the Conference on the Future of Europe, improvements, and assessing the EU's "democratic deficit."

C. Punishing authoritarian abuses: Assessing European instruments, challenges in implementation, and tools to prevent and punish abuses.

Selected candidates will produce policy-oriented research papers with concrete recommendations in 8-10 pages. Successful candidates may present their work at conferences and contribute to future publications.

Eligible candidates should have a Bachelor's degree, be under 35 years old by June 30, 2023, and possess excellent English writing skills. Citizenship in an EU Member State, a state from the European Economic Area, or a candidate or potential candidate country is required.

Submission deadline: June 30, 2023, at midnight (Brussels time). Candidates should email their applications to callforpapers@iedonline.eu with the subject line "IED Call for papers 2023 Candidacy."

Join the conversation to shape the future of European democracy. Submit your candidacy and contribute to the necessary institutional reforms.

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