Welcome Address by Mikel Burzako

Administrateur délégué IED


Dear Friends,

I would like to introduce myself as I took over the responsibility of administrateur delégué of the Institute among the new appointments decided by the IED General Assembly and the Board of Directors which gathered on 29 November 2019. It has been my honor to join the new President, Francesco Rutelli, and vice President, Gabi Schmidt in this new engagement at the service of the Institute of European Democrats.

The IED is constantly reviewing its scope of activities in order to best accompany the latest global and European policy developments. We have the ambition to support the European Democratic Party (EDP), to which we are affiliated, with analysis and proposals which help democrats all over Europe to face the current difficult challenges.

Early this year we were planning the activities for 2020, according to a set of strategic goals for the coming years, ready to open debates and willing to collect proposals and ideas.

Then came the Covid-19 pandemic that hit our countries at different levels and times.

Taking stock of the severe crisis and its impact on Europeans, we decided to focus our activity on 3 main themes. These are:

  1. Europe as a geopolitical, integrated power, in a world where sovereignism will grow, globalization is under scrutiny, and international multilateralism is sinking. Can a new EU Soft Power work?

  2. The EU Green Deal. How to make it successful, in the severe transition dominated by Covid-19 and post-Covid economic agenda. How to mobilize private investments. How to involve society and citizenship.

  3. Values, Democracy, Liberties: at the foundation of a real European integration, now deeply at risk in the world – and in Europe, too.

Thus, we decided to concentrate our efforts in areas where it is possible to provide political content, with the ambition of launching quality initiatives and studies, in order to foster our position and influence in the European debate.

In agreement with this new thematic framework, I am now glad to launch the IED Call for Papers 2020 addressed to young people. It is titled 'Geopolitics & Values: what is the real power of the EU? How to use the COVID crisis as an opportunity for a new European soft power.'

We have also published recently a report on our 2019 Activity and we have launched our own podcast programme 'European Democracy lab'.

I hope you will find some inspiration and support in our initiatives and I assure you that it is my commitment to come back to you with updates and more information in the coming months.

Best wishes,

Mikel Burzako
Administrateur délégué IED


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