European Elections 2019

Which are the themes we should focus on? Tell us your opinion.


The European Union has been subject to unprecedented crises and challenges in recent years. Financial crisis and unemployment rates have undermined the trust of people in the European idea and in the promises it holds, generating as well a great disappointment about national and European institutions.

As Europeans we should be aware that European Union is the solution – and not the cause – of such crises. The time for the EU to reinvent itself is running out. A profound change with a deeper political integration is essential to give Europe back to its citizens, through a real re-foundation of the European institutions and by spreading the vision of a more supportive, more social and more democratic Europe.

From all over Europe - civil society, social parties, businesses - the call for a more unite and effective response to nowadays challenges is getting louder and louder, thus asking politics to retrieve its leading role.

But which are the main themes European citizens are concerned about and we should focus on?


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