Call For Papers: A Youth strategy for Europe’s future

Deadline for submission: 1 July 2018


Pdf download: Call for Papers "A Youth strategy for Europe's future"

Since its creation and throughout years, the primary goal of the Institute of European Democrats (IED) is to promote an in-depth discussion on the core aspects of the European integration process.

Today's youth is Europe's future and putting young people at the heart of the debate it's our priority.

A large number of young people in Europe is facing unemployment, disadvantaged conditions for accessing the labour market and is consequently more exposed to economic crises, inequality and discrimination. Somebody sees them as a "lost generation" but the young generation is instead a resource, a powerful and driving force for the social and economic development of the whole EU.

In the view of the next European elections it is therefore of the utmost importance to stimulate the debate about the active involvement and the crucial role of young generation in the EU' life. With a view to shed some light on these challenges and better understand the solutions ahead, the Institute of European Democrats has decided to launch an external research project called "A Youth strategy for Europe's future". In this respect, the IED intends to award in the course of 2018 several contracts for "Research Fellowships" to researchers and/or Students/PhD.
The IED deems that a useful and effective approach is to give voice to youngsters themselves, providing a platform to present their ideas and thus contributing to the ongoing debates via a privileged point of view, while contributing at the same time to re-launch the dialogue with the young generation. The call for papers is specifically addressed to applicants who have not reached 35 years of age by the 31st of December 2018.