IED General Assembly

IED General Assembly

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain


The Institute of European Democrats (IED) recently held its 26th General Assembly in the Canary Islands, Spain, on June 28, 2024. This gathering allowed our esteemed members to address critical administrative matters and delve into the implications of the recent European elections, discussing their profound impact on the continent.

Opening Remarks and Keynote Address

We were deeply honored to commence the assembly with inspiring words from Mr. Fernando Clavijo, the President of the Canary Islands. His address emphasized the need for Europe to refocus on local challenges and identities, particularly in light of the severe migration crisis facing the Canary Islands, which saw over 19,000 arrivals in the first quarter of 2024. Mr. Clavijo called for immediate, practical solutions from the EU, highlighting the outermost regions as opportunities for innovation.

Agenda Highlights

The General Assembly's agenda included several key points:

  • Adoption of the Agenda and Minutes: The assembly unanimously adopted the proposed agenda and the minutes from the previous meeting held on November 29, 2023.

  • Legal and Financial Matters: Mr. Pierre Langlois de Bazillac presented on the legal situation following APPF recommendations, proposing drafting new statutes to ensure compliance. The assembly also approved the 2023 financial statements, highlighting an improved financial status with increased funding from member organizations and efficient asset management.

  • Membership Fees for 2024: The assembly discussed and unanimously agreed on a slight increase in membership fees to ensure financial stability, particularly in light of the ongoing VAT concerns raised by new accountants, BDO.

  • 2024 Working Programme: Mr. Francesco Rutelli and Mr. Mikel Burzako outlined the IED’s planned activities for 2024, including significant events such as the Venice Conference on August 26-27, focusing on disinformation, influence, and deepfakes. Other proposed initiatives include events in Kosovo, Cyprus, Madeira.

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IED General Assembly

New Member Organizations

The assembly welcomed representatives from prospective member organizations in Ukraine, Portugal, and Albania. Notable attendees included Ms. Elia Ascensao from Juntos Pelo Povo, Portugal, and Ms. Lutjona Lula from ESN Albania, who emphasized the value their organizations could bring to the IED.

Commitment to Research and Informed Decision-Making

Throughout the assembly, there was a reaffirmed commitment to rigorous research and informed decision-making, especially in countering the growing threat of far-right disinformation and the misuse of technology.

Looking Forward

This General Assembly marks our final meeting before the highly anticipated Soft Power Club event in Venice, which will address critical issues such as disinformation, influence, and deepfakes. The IED remains steadfast in fostering a collaborative and forward-thinking community, dedicated to a free and fair European future.

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