The Hague


IED Seminar, The Hague, Netherlands


In Cooperation with the Jan Nagel Foundation the Institute of European Democrats organized a Seminar on Ageism on March 2nd in The Hague. With involvement of several experts, we offered an interesting Seminar with contributions from Brazil, Hungary, and the Netherlands. Gerrit Jan van Otterloo (Chairman of the JNF) moderated thru an engaging afternoon who started with the opening words of Mikel Burzako (ADMINISTRATEUR Délégué of the IED) by Video. Followed by Julia Wadoux (AGE Network Europe) who spoke about the EU Age Equality Strategy: Delivering Equal Rights at all ages.

Maria C. G. Di Lascio (Sociologist from Sao Paolo, Brazil) gave an insight about “older People in Brazil” via an recorded Interview. After a short Break Dr. Istvan Serto-Radics from Hungary took the floor to speak about “Ageism and its political Relevance”. The Presentation of Dr. Hoogenboom (Netherlands Institute of Human Rights) focused on the Main Issues and recent Developments of Age Discrimination.

The Panel was followed by a very fruitful Discussion of the Participants and the Speakers.


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